The Scalene project takes the three cities of Manchester, Montreal and Melbourne as its geographical trio of urban contexts and then looks at producing a project that takes 3 sets of 3 practitioners from each city who collaborate with each other. The 3 outcomes of this project will be a double CD Rom (sound and video), a world tour of the project and the web site.

Scalene requires sound, video and graphic artists to produce work that will be remixed by their counterparts in the other cities. The remixed videos, sounds and images/designs will give voice to the recognition that super-modern cities are moving. Moving in different ways that Archigram imagined in their architectural drawings of the 60's but transitory nonetheless. The transient nature of those who inhabit urban centres means that the identities of cities are going to become more complex and ultimately more mixed and remixed according to those who dwell and pass through them and the rate at which they do so. This changing identity of cities is synonymous with the changing face of Capitalism, as it requires large work forces to be able to move according to shifts in political, economic and geographical climates. Given that Super-modernism requires a huge transient global working class who will move according to available work (Mexican workers moving into the USA in huge numbers is a good example) it means the cultures of cities are likely to change at an increasingly faster rate. With this phenomenon in full effect the work produced for Scalene looks at ideas of moving cities and more specifically at ‘escape architectures’.