csc 018: Identification - Slinkity Sounds
csc 017: Oliver Blank + James Martin - Karhu ja Tiikerini
csc 016: Andrew Coleman + Defasten - Openland
csc 015: Limmat - Municipal 44
csc 014: David Kristian + Ryosuke Aoike- Ghost Storeys
csc 013: Pretty Boy Crossover + Julio Soto- We Are All Drifting
csc 012: Andrew Coleman- Tony Alva's Hair

csc 011: -40 (various artists)
csc 010: Battery Operated- re.Cord
csc 009: Broken Channel (various artists)
csc 008: Battery Operated + Made- Aprotic
csc 007: The Dorkestra- Merry Tales and Fractured Melodies
csc 006: BioChemical Dread (Richard H. Kirk)- Bush Doctrine
csc 005: Parapulse Tuck (various artists)
csc 004: Scalene (various artists)
csc 003: Identification- Identify
csc 002: Battery Operated- Chases Through Non-Place
csc 001: Battery Operated- Vecuum



Slinkity Sounds
(csc 018)

Back after years of sampling in the sonic jungles of free jazz, 80’s electro, spoken word, and Italian horror soundtracks, comes Montreal’s very own Identification with his latest maximalist masterpiece Slinkity Sounds.
This is the second album produced for Cocosolidciti and picks up where the first one left off, foraging for new paths in rhythm construction, documenting ‘off the map’ ways of thinking about aural collage.
Using live instrumentation and recorded material from New Zealand’s free jazz group – The Sandoz Lab Technicians – this seductive sonic journey explores musical territories that few electronic artists venture into. The mix of obscure textures, densely woven beat patterns, and analogue synth lines will delight all those who loved Identification’s first album and will lure in new converts who are willing to walk on the wild side of hyper-edited electronic composition.

Oliver Blank, James Martin & Jonathan Ben-Ami:
Karhu ja Tiikerini + Karhunpeijaiset
(csc 016)

Oliver Blank's first album, ‘Karhu ja Tiikerini,’ is an ambitious and cinematic record that shows the full breadth of this promising young composer’s scope. Contemporary classical strings meet swelling guitars, all of which are underpinned by electronic textures and rhythms.
Blank has masterminded an epic debut. Recorded over the course of year and a half, between Finland and England, and featuring a small orchestra of string players, drummers and multi-instrumentalists.
While the album singposts Blank's own musical inspirations along the way - from Sigur Rós to Steve Reich to Sufjan Stevens - he ultimately ensures that the album scores its very own ambience, building melodic worlds that tumble and crash over each other.
Accompanying the album is the DVD ‘Karhunpeijaiset’ by James Martin and Jonathan Ben-Ami, and scored by Oliver Blank; a video which follows a journey through the waterways of Helsinki, entwined with visions of mythical Finnish dreamscapes and a looming Bear God.

Andrew Coleman & Defasten:
Openland (csc 016)

The long awaited collaboration between England’s electronic musicmeister Andrew Coleman (aka Animals on Wheels) and the highly respected Canadian film and video maker Patrick Doan who works under the name ‘Defasten.’
This project has taken a long time coming but was well worth the wait. This is possibly the best synthesis of the Cocosolidciti labels ten years of collaborations between sound and video artists.
Andrew Coleman has come up with a superb mix of elegant piano lines, noise-ridden blow-outs, and haunted sketches of dubstepped landscapes. Defasten used these works to soundtrack his first feature film, which is a beautiful examination of human subjectivity through the harsh realities of urban environments to the fantasy-ridden worlds of Second Life.
Having already been booked for numerous festivals in 2010, this release will be a highly sort after item, the film being more than equal in terms of conceptual quality, interest and technique to its brilliant soundtrack.

Municipal 44
(csc 015)

A new series of releases kicks off with this collaboration between Ian Heywood and Graham Clayton-Chance. Working under the collective name of ‘Limmat’, this project took 3 years of sweat, toil and tears to complete and the music and video sitting on the discs bears testament to this.
Ian Heywood who runs the infamous ‘’ web label has produced an album of the most sweetly malign electro you will hear this side of Drexcyia. Tectonic bass lines roll into crests of beats and bleeps and the melodic hooks float above, never getting caught in the grounded structure of the tracks…but always tempting.
Graham Clayton-Chance is a respected and recognised video and animation artist who has worked on a wide range of projects from R.E.M. video’s to large scale installations in galleries. The animation he produced for this DVD is nothing short of wonderous and is a definite highlight of C0C0S0LIDCITI’s catalogue of releases. Based on 1970s ‘Brutalist’ architecture and our interaction with it, the animation work is at the forefront of 3D modelling and 2D attitude

David Kristian + Ryosuke Aoike:
Ghost Storeys
(csc 014)

Ghost Storeys is the much anticipated ‘last studio’ CD+DVD from Canadian electronic music legend David Kristian in collaboration with the celebrated Manga animator from Japan – Ryosuke Aoike. Kristian will move onto working solely on soundtracks for films after this release. Aoike, the creator of the Catman and Perestroika cartoons worked in full collaboration with Kristian to produce 5 animations based on Japanese Ghost Stories. The spacious textural compositions on Ghost Storeys together with the CD + DVD and 8-page booklet packaging make this a fitting conduit for Kristian’s 20-year electronic music studio career into a soundtrack producer for feature film, documentary and video.
Forever at the forefront of recording possibilities and impossibilities, Kristian again travels the route of the sonic pioneer by composing, recording and producing the sound for CD and DVD in 5.1 Surround Sound. This will be the last time we hear Kristian under his own name producing a studio CD + DVD project, so grab it whilst you can.

Pretty Boy Crossover + Julio Soto:
We Are All Drifting
(csc 013)

We Are All Drifting is a first time collaboration between Australian based masters of melancholic electronica – Pretty Boy Crossover and the award winning Spanish video artist and documentary maker – Julio Soto. This is a stunning release of the most beautifully crafted melodies winding around samples from urban field recordings and guitar that you are likely to here this or that side of Manual or Fennesz.
This is the first full-length release for Pretty Boy Crossover in 3-years and the wait has been well worth it. Having previously released on the highly respected Surgery and Sensory labels from Australia, We Are All Drifting takes up where their previous 2 albums left off with gritty electro-tinged beats floating through the gorgeous swells of melody and melancholy. There are few musical electronic artists working today who can produce such eloquent and emotionally wrought digital music.
The DVD has two video works on it (scored by Pretty Boy Crossover) which draw on Soto’s experience of fusing video footage, photographs and 3D Digital effects to render amazing fictional cityscapes. Having worked a day job tuning his craft, working on videos for artists such as Macy Gray, the Invisible Cities video piece on the DVD has gone onto win awards at Film Festivals in Toronto, Rio, Brooklyn and Pasadena amongst others.

Andrew Coleman: Tony Alva's Hair
(csc 012)

With the albums title nodding a head to the original 70’s skateboard legend, Tony Alva’s Hair is trucked up and ready to roll. Now recording under his own name rather than the ‘Animals on Wheels’ moniker, Coleman’s last release called Demons was released through the UK label – ‘Tripel’. It is this album, however, that sees him back to his best form with beautifully crafted melodies and intricate snapfunk breakbeats throughout. With vocals from ‘Dose One’ of ‘Anticon’ outfit ‘cLOUDDEAD’ on track 3’s not a speculation, this album once again places Coleman at the forefront of the crossroads where hip-hop and electronica meet. This new outing sits happily between the drill n’ bass records of his previous album release on ‘Ninja Tune’ – Design and Mistakes and the gliding melancholy of the Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt album released on Chicago, post-rock label ‘Thrill Jockey’.
Based in Cambridge, UK , Andrew Coleman initially burst into the electronica scene with an EP released on the home-grown ‘Bovinyl records’ under the moniker ‘Animals on Wheels’. From there, along with a number of EPs, Coleman released two albums under this name for the London-based, beats label 'Ninja Tune', and in 2001 joined the 'Thrill Jockey' stable for an album.

(csc 011)
-40 is a unique CD and DVD project that gathers together artists like Akufen, Deadbeat, Venetian Snares, Knifehandchop, Secret Mommy, Lowfish, and DMC World Champion DJ Dopey to reconfigure old school propaganda films with new school digital tools. The internationally renowned National Film Board of Canada opened its vaults to 20 Canadian artists, 10 audio and 10 video, who were given the challenge to re-interpret either the audio or visual element of 1940s era Canadian propaganda films produced in the early years of the NFB. Using digital means, the artists rework the textured analogue source material to create some daringly original works. The audio artists are featured on the CD as well as their tracks appearing on the DVD as new soundtracks to accompany unadulterated portions of their chosen source film. Like propaganda itself, this project straddles art and popular culture. With world war once again on the international agenda, these works are timely reflections upon nationalism, the evolving political art of propaganda and social manipulation, racism and the economics of war.

Check out some sample trax from the download section of our site.

Battery Operated: re.Cord
(csc 010)
For the ‘re: cord’ CD/DVD project, Battery Operated had a black box’ from an aircraft replicated and split into 10 sections. 10 music artists were then chosen from around the world and the ‘black box’ was couriered to them one after the other. Each artist was asked to submit his or her favourite conspiracy theory in sonic, visual and written form. When the box had reached Australia and its final destination, it was sent back to Battery Operated to start remixing the music and video/image tracks. Using all the original tracks as a large sound bank, Battery Operated constructed a 50-minute remix album of melodic and experimental electro tinged beats for the CD. An 8-page booklet and 50-minute video on DVD, suggesting an overall conspiracy theory makes up this singular package. The 10 artists who submitted tracks also have their original compositions placed on the DVD. The following artists, amongst others, have original tracks on the DVD and have subsequently been remixed by Battery Operated:-Richard. H.Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire), Mathias Delplanque (Lena, Quartermass), Sachiko.M, Freiband (Goem), Kurt Ralske (Ultra Vivid Scene, 242 Pilots), Identification (C0C0S0L1DC1T1), Michael Morley (The Dead C, Gate), Pretty Boy Crossover (Surgery).

Check out some sample trax from the download section of our site.

Broken Channel
(csc 009)
Broken Channel presents sound and video interpertations on DVD and CD of the contemporary experience of surveillance, from a range of leading international artists working in sound and video. Featuring newly comissioned musical and video works exploring noises of dissent and visions through the shattered lens of CCTV and surveillance: Coldcut(Ninjatune) with assistance from Outerabongolia look at the police's monitoring of protest and protestors; Kampuchea (aka. Phonem, Morr Music) uses sound from an immigration office to construct a soundtrack with; Ultra Red (Mille Plateaux/Fat Cat) look at the protest at Quebec and on the USA/Mexico border from a participants perspective; Kaffe Matthews & Riz Maslen (aka - Noetropic-ntone) create discordant sound and image from the mute medium of CCTV; and Made (Gescom, Skam) & Battery Operated (C0C0S0L1DC1T1) look at how the control spaces of surveillance can be subverted to create radical new architectures and environments.

Check out some sample trax from the download section of our site.

Battery Operated + Made: Aprotic
(csc 008)

The third full-length album by Battery Operated sees them team up with fellow Mancunian maestro of all things electro ñ ëmadeí. Fresh from his stint at ëAll Tomorrowís Partiesí which was curated by his old workmates Autechre (ëmadeí being part of the ëGescomí crew), ëmadeí now shows what he can do over a collaborative full - length. It's the first time he has done an album, having previously released 12ís on the Skam label. Battery Operated have produced two albums (both sold out) before on C0C0S0L1DC1T1 in the shape of ëVecuumí and ëChases Through Non-Placeí and the marriage of bastardized electro with wide ranging influences from hip hop to musique concrete to lounge music is again evident here. If Andy Weatherall and Hildegard Westerkamp had ever gotten it onÖ.this is what the soundtrack might have been to the birthing of their electro creatureÖ

Check out some sample trax from the download section of our site.

Dorkestra: Merry Tales and Fractured Melodies

The Dorkestra:
Merry Tales and Fractured Melodies (csc 007)

And so it came to be that The Dorkestra released their first album; where the many splintered personalities of Ninja Tune drone, Dj Luv, convened in the recording studio to lay down this beatsophrenic masterpiece. The album title hints at the sample-based ethos of this prolific artist whose first release was a solid experimental downtempo album under the guise of Identification. Now he comes sidling up to the table with dirty thoughts, scabby legs, and a tickle trunk full of electro breaks and freak funk gems for another original outing. Snatching from soul, jazz, rock, spoken word, soundtracks, and anything else that will sit on vinyl long enough to press it. This album is a post-summer hummer for anyone who loves space age bpms.

Dorkestra: Merry Tales and Fractured Melodies

BioChemical Dread (Richard H. Kirk):
Bush Doctrine (csc 006)

Bush Doctrine is an incendiary sonic polemic against oily greed mongering and cultural ignorance from richard h. kirk, under the name BioChemical Dread. He spent much of the 90s travelling through the Middle East, India, West Africa, Haiti and Jamaica gathering field recordings. Bush Doctrine is the antithesis of the grinding sound of the industrial military simplex of the deaf and dumb war machine rumbling over ancient cultures. It is an audiophonic journey through time and space where the ancient language of rhythm meets digital communication to meld the organic and the technological. It is the propaganda machine's diet of fear and loathing subverted, synthesized and made subservient to the liberating process of creative expression and cross cultural contamination.

Artwork: Designer's Republic

Parapulse Tuck
(csc 005)
Release two from the Tensile series...

For this project, C0C0S0L1DC1T1 commissioned a sound and video artist from Manchester, Melbourne, Montreal, Rennes and Mexico City. Each city's artists collaborated to produce a 4 to 6 minute sound and video work for projection at the Montreal festival Champs Libre and for release on CD. The artists were asked to take sound and video footage from a bridge of their choice in the city in which they lived. They used the sound and video footage as the source material for their final work, as well as found sound and imagery. This release is a double CD, one CD holds the sound works and the other the video works.

Sound and Video Artists
Montreal, Canada: Atoll Noise + beewoo; Melbourne, Australia: Private Benjamin +Emma McRae; Manchester, UK: Remote Viewer + Graham Clayton Chance; Mexico City, Mexico: Duo Panda Mix + Renato Ornelas/Luis Miguel Charry; Rennes, France: Mils + Gerald Groult.

(csc 004)
Release one from the Tensile series...

Three equals trouble… this is why it's the only number that matters. 3 artists each from 3 countries - a sound, video and graphic artist from Melbourne, Manchester and Montreal produce 3 x 3 minutes of original sound and video. All of the original material is then digitally deflowered in a 3-way to create 9, 6-minute remixes. The result is an earthquake site of broken rhythms, scratched concrete beats and twisted melodies, laid onto a double CD of sound and video.

For more info on this project, visit the Scalene website.

The navvies include Private Benjamin + Emma McRae from Melbourne, Identification + Mitchell Akiyama from Montreal, and Battery Operated + beewoo from Manchester.

Identification: Identify
(csc 003)
When not slinging hash for his Ninja Tune bosses or slinging disks as luv, Identification practices the fine art of point-and-click perversion, digitally deflowering, decomposing, and reconstructing samples from the weirdest records you never wanted to know. Letting only a privileged few freaks descend the basement stairs to listen to his output, we managed to persuade him to come up for air and give us a master of his 12 favourite trax produced over the past 3 years. The result is a stutter beat freak's dream of angular melodies that collide over slipped-disc rhythm patterns.

Battery Operated:
Chases Through Non-Place
(csc 002)

Back by popular demand, we have re-released Battery Operated's first album originally released through Mixer Records (Amsterdam) in 2000.

This time around it's a double CD. One CD with sound, the other with the entire project video, which was shown at places like SONAR, The Anchorage, Invideo festival and a ton of other places with names.

This is release was supported by SOIL.

Battery Operated: Vecuum
(csc 001)
Rooftops are the overground that provide Battery Operated with the source material for this click- ridden, messed-up, beats-driven sound elevator that shoots through the ceiling. The dark side of Willi Wonka's chocolate factory is a good analogy of the way technology is employed on this record, akin to the Wonkad elevator which breaks out of the structure that holds it in limbo. The lift is the vecuum that takes us through manga style sound manipulations to sickly sweet strings in between floors. Jazz and industrial traditions along with breakbeat, music concrete and electro acoustic experiments are all picked up and dropped at will on this sonic lift surf.